REVIEW: Pen Point by Angel Bales


Title:  Pen Point

Author:  Angel Bales

Synopsis:  Tambria is a beautiful, intelligent, sexy woman in her 30’s. She’s responsible, has a degree in accounting and avoids drama at all costs. So how does she deal when she finds her husband having playtime with a male co-worker? A cross-country move seems like the perfect plan.

Roxtown, Colorado has the perfect solution. Her best friend from college is there with an immediate job offer to join the family firm. Things just seem to be falling into place when Tambria is given an amazing opportunity to work with one of the wealthiest CEO’s in the country. Not only is he wealthy, but he can melt panties right off your ass with just his presence.

Tambria refuses to join the flocks of women that fall all over themselves to catch Evan’s attention. Yes, he can be distracting. Especially when he looks at her like he’s ready to throw her up against the nearest wall and do things to her body that she’s never experienced before. She’s determined to stay focused on her career and adjusting to being a single woman again. Can she handle the job and keep her heart and underwear in tact?

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I absolutely loved this book. From beginning to end you will be hooked. There are several parts you will laugh so hard you will cry and you will need a extra change of panties.

I love Bree and Cammie are so close and have each others backs. I loved their quick comebacks and can laugh at themselves over the antics of a fun filled weekend.

Bree is smart beautiful and has common sense. Evan is smart, HOT Alpha Male, with tats! When they finely get together it is HOT!!

Bree moves from NC to Colorado after finding her husband with a man…yes man! She goes to work with Cammie the family’s investment firm. After her first week she lands the biggest account for the wealthiest CEO in the country.

Evan wealthly and can make you come by his words alone. He tries hard to ignore his feelings for Bree. He takes a chance and tells Bree.

Can Bree have a job and love or will she give give up on love and focus on her job?

Angel did a wonderful job in making her characters realistic and I look forward reading more from her.

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