REVIEW: Providence in the Fall by Jessica Danow


Title:  Providence in the Fall

Author:  Jessica Danow

Synopsis:  Stella Marlowe has always lived a simple life in small town Iowa. She’s got a spot at an Ivy League University, her best friend Honor St. James, and a great boyfriend, but Stella has always kept walls up around her heart. Then she spots Tucker Hastings at a party her first day at Brown, and her world changes.

Tucker was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and is living life jumping from one torrid affair to another. He has a past he fights to forget, and a shattered heart as proof of the night that went tragically wrong.

Can Stella and Tucker repair their broken hearts and learn to love again?




I found this book to be a easy read and read it in one day. This book made me laugh, cry, and ready to hurt one of the characters. This is a story of young love. You can feel being in love and what heart break feels like in Jessica’s writting. Jessica left out all of the high school drama and gave the story a more grown up approach to adult life.

Stella is a small town girl with the love of a big city. She goes off to college not looking for love. Tucker is your playboy. He gets what he wants until Stella. Tucker has demons. Will he let Stella go or will he fight for love?

I am looking forward read Jessica’s next book. Hoping it will be about Harper and Sloan!!

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