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Letting Him Go by Eva Jones



Title: Letting Him Go
Author: Eva Jones
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 16, 2019
Once upon a
time a girl and a boy were lucky enough to find each other. Some called it
young love, but we called it true love. Soul mates. Regardless what you call
it, we loved one another with everything we had. Then one day life landed a
heartbreaking blow. I was left, young and alone, to find my way while raising
our precious daughter.
I thought I had everything I wanted. I fought to get away from the life I was
raised in. I moved away from the farm and into the big city, busting my ass to
climb the corporate ladder. Then one day everything I have worked for gets
ripped out from under me, landing me right back where I started. I’m left to
begin again, struggling to find my place in life.


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Author Bio
Eva Jones began her love affair for the written word in her
early teens when she would sneak off with her mother’s historical romance
novels. From then on, her passion for reading had blossomed. Her passion for
reading led her into the wonderful indie book community, where she was
fortunate to land herself the role of personal assistant to one of her favorite
indie authors.
Eva has always dreamed of moving south and starting a horse
farm, however, she’s a proud Ohio native and has raised her three children,
along with her husband, in the same streets that she grew up in. When she isn’t
running after her children, you can find her searching for a new design to get
tattooed or listening to her favorite 90s R&B music while she crafts
stories about flawed characters who find love amongst the chaos of life.


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