Cover Reveal

Baking with a Rockstar by Jasmin Miller



Title: Baking with a Rockstar
Series: Brooksville #1
Author: Jasmin Miller
Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Romance
Cover Design: Alyssa Garcia, Uplifting Designs
Release Date: February 28, 2019


When a rockstar and a single mom become roommates, delicious sparks are
bound to fly.
Rockstar Hudson Mitchell is over the glitz and
spotlight of the music industry. Desperate for a break from the fast-paced life
of fame, he retreats to the one place that has always been home.
Brooksville, California.

It’s the same place where Charlie has taken refuge, trying to build a life for
herself and her young daughter. The quiet, small-town atmosphere and her new
bakery venture are exactly what she needs to pick up the pieces of her
shattered past.

As they spend more time together, neither of them
is prepared for the effect Charlie has on Hudson, and how important she would
become for his career.


“Charlie, where
do you want me next?” Hudson’s voice sounds from behind me, making me jump.
The hairs on the
back of my neck rise at the sound of his rich voice—the deep timbre almost
echoing across the room—as I spin around to face him. “Gosh, Hudson, can you
please stop sneaking up on me like that?”
I slap his
shoulder lightly, leaving a nice flour mark on his black T-shirt.
Good. Serves him right.
Today is our
second day together at “work,” and I still have to get used to him being
around. Thankfully, I barely saw him yesterday, since he was helping one of the
contractors fix a few things outside the building while I hid in my office,
hunched over a pile of papers to make sure everything’s going according to
plan. I wonder if Hudson stayed away from me on purpose, giving me some time to
get used to him. I’m almost certain he knows how easily some people get
overwhelmed by his presence.
He grimaces, but
the mischief is clearly displayed in the way his eyes sparkle. “Sorry, I didn’t
mean to, but you were so absorbed in your work. There could be a meteor coming
your way, and you wouldn’t know it until it hit you.”
Well, he’s got me
there. When I focus on something, it’s easy for me to zone out. “Very funny.”
I glare at him
playfully and study him for a moment, taking him in, from his black T-shirt all
the way to his dark gray jeans that are paired with black boots. His whole
outfit is covered in dust, dirt, and a few specks of paint. He looks every bit
the busy worker bee he’s been, and since I’m not blind—and my hormones
practically demand it—I have to admit, he couldn’t look sexier.
Early Praise
“This story was
fun and an easy read with fun-loving characters. I instantly fell in love with
Hudson and the immediate bond he had with Mira. The love story between Hudson
and Charlie is beautiful and just about proves that good things happen to good
people.” – Drippin_inmelanin, Goodreads
“Well butter my
butt and call me a biscuit, this was so cute. If you’re looking for something
light to read on a lazy afternoon, this is pretty perfect. It’s just a really
great “make-you-feel-good” kind of book.” – Dylan, Goodreads
“The story was
unexpected, cheerful, heartbreaking, and made me feel all things at once!”
– Kendra, Goodreads
Author Bio
Jasmin Miller is
a professional lover of books and cake (preferably together) as well as a
fangirl extraordinaire. She loves to read and write kissing books and never
misses a chance to swoon over characters. Originally from Germany, she now
lives in the western US with her husband and three little humans that keep her
busy day and night.
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