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REVIEW TOUR: Jock by C.M. Foss

Title: Jock
Author: CM Foss
Release Date: Nov 2, 2015
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She can’t stand them.
Hates them.
Refuses to be one.

Tessa Brooks is strong-willed, sassy, and determined, on the brink of dominating in the testosterone-fueled sport of horse racing. She’s spent her life avoiding the norm, staying true to herself to achieve her ultimate goals.

Her relationship with Jace Hitchen, her brother’s best friend, just might be the biggest cliche of all. Over the years, he’s been her protector, her annoyance, her confidante, her crush. But giving in to what she’s really wanted for the last ten years could be the very thing that destroys everything she’s worked for and wanted. Can Tessa achieve her dreams for the future, but still hold on to the past?


Laurie 5 stars
Let me start off by saying I’m a huge C.M. Foss fan! I’ve read all her books, and each and every one of them has blown me away! She’s one of the authors that I will read anything she writes! And I must say she has some of the most creative story lines. Her books are always like a breath of fresh air for me because they are unlike any other story I’ve read before. And Jock fell into that category perfectly. I’ve never read a book about a jockey before, so I was very excited to jump into her newest novel!

Tessa and Jace have known each other since childhood. Jace is Tessa’s brother’s best friend. And he has also always been a protector to Tessa as well as her crush. And now that she is knee deep in her new and tiring career, she and Jace share a kiss that leaves them both wanting more. But being a jockey is exhausting, demanding, and doesn’t leave much time for anything else. And Jace wants more time with Tessa. So, Tessa is left trying to climb the ladder in the career and balance this thing her and Jace seem to have started.

Jock has everything you could want in a good romance novel….Sexy, swoon worthy hero, strong and funny heroine, lots of laugh out loud moments, tender and make your heart happy moments, and even some tear jerker moments. Oh and let’s not forget the birthday cake bubble gum and vagina heartbeats!

C.M. Foss did an excellent job on this book, and I have nothing but praises for it! I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next! 5++++ stars!!!!

CM Foss is a hopeless romantic with a love for the written word. When she was little, her mom would ration her books so she wouldn’t go through them too quickly. It didn’t matter, she would just re-read. She’s always been an avid equestrian, competing in the top levels of Three Day Eventing by age seventeen. CM now resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and kids where they own and operate their own equestrian business, as well as raising grass-fed, sustainable meats. She doesn’t have this thing people call “free time”, but she does spend a weird amount of time writing, reading, playing with her kids, milking goats, and drinking wine, while avoiding bananas at all costs. Other books by CM Foss include Shiver, Swoon, and City Beautiful.



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