REVIEW: Pretty Boy by M. Kay Fox


Title:  Pretty Boy

Author:  M. Kay Fox

Synopsis:  Such a pretty boy.
Kip Klein has heard this for a very long time. Apparently that was all he was ever good at anyway. His own mother despised him for looking like his deceased father. It forced him from his small hometown to the big city of Chicago.

Lights. Camera. Action.
Welcomed with open arms into the career of modeling, Kip finds himself doing anything to keep his name and image out there including showing off his assets for the ladies. Losing his edge, Kip is sent home to Hawker Flats to rediscover just what made him rough. He discovers much more than past memories.

The latest Summer fling.
Could her life get any harder? Summer Sadler is orphaned, a guardian to her half-brother and working every waking hour she can. On the verge of bankruptcy, she is duped and used for the land that she owns. Was it too much to hope that the torture would end?

Just one more kiss.
Summer didn’t expect to collide with Kip Klein, but collide she did. The rigid muscles and tantalizing voice chase away all reason to keep her distance. Maybe one kiss will cure everything. Maybe one kiss will destroy them both.


Caroline 4 stars

I was excited to read this book as I love reading debut stories from an author – I really liked the idea of this J

Kip Klein, sex symbol model is sent back to his hometown of Hawker Flats, Kansas to rediscover his edge.

Summer Sadler, a girl taking care of her damaged half brother, Brady (8) who is perpetually angry.

Kip and Summer collide, literally, and then the story unfolds of them getting to know each other and the dramas that they face.

The reason I gave this a 4 star rating is that the ending seemed a bit rushed, I would have loved this to be a full book and heard more about them getting to know each other, more about Brady and overcoming his heartbreak and also more about what happened to Kimberley, the stalker!!!

The writing was good and the story was a lovely one – a good short read! Read for Book Fancy Blog

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