REVIEW: Holly by Sarah Elizabeth


Title:  Holly

Author:  Sarah Elizabeth

Synopsis:  ***Holly ~ a Novella gives you a small peek into the life of Holly-Rose Taylor, Brandon and Alexis’ daughter from the Misjudged Series—thirteen years on. This can be read as a New Adult standalone novella as spoilers are kept to the absolute minimum, and can also be read as the prequel to No Strings, a standalone full-length novel which will be releasing in late 2015***

This isn’t about what happened in the past. It’s about what I want in my future. I want to grow up. Find my feet. I just want to be eighteen.

I have aspirations. Life goals. I also have an overprotective father.

Then there’s Devon.

I’m just a girl. He’s just a boy.

The problem? Well, there really wasn’t one. We despised each other with a passion, until something changed.

Hi, I’m Holly-Rose Taylor, and this is a story about the first time I fell in love.

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Squeeee!!!!! This is the first book I’ve read by Sarah Elizabeth, and I’m hooked! I need more Holly and Devon stat! This novella can be read as a standalone, but it is also a prequel to No Strings. I can guarantee you that after you read it, you will be on pins and needles waiting for No Strings like I am! Sarah Elizabeth’s writing style is just amazing. She created a beautiful story with this novella and left me thinking of the characters even days after reading it. I teared up, I laughed out loud with a big smile on my face, and I swooned. I most definitely recommend reading this book!

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