REVIEW: Dominant Seduction: The Complete Series by Lynn Cooper


Title:  Dominant Seduction:  The Complete Series

Author:  Lynn Cooper

Synopsis:  Brett and Karen have been married for sixteen wonderful years. They are good together in every way. But Karen believes they can be great together, especially in the bedroom.
She is tired of sex by the numbers and living vicariously through her erotic romance novels. She longs for adventure and figures the best way to get it is to unleash her husband’s inner beast.
If she can keep her courage up, Karen is certain she can dismantle Brett’s deep-rooted need for self-discipline in the bedroom. She is determined to do whatever it takes to convince him to explore the enticing, seductive side of domination and submission.
Come join them on a heart-stopping ride to carnal bliss.

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I loved this book!!! From the first word to the last, you will not be able to put it down.

Karen has read romantic romance, some with BDSM in them. She wants to try BDSM with her husband. She can tell that Brett holds back during sex. So she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Brett was abused as a child. He likes having control. When his wife surprises him and he losses control he afraid he’s hurt Karen. He tells her that he can’t lose it again. Karen tells him she needs this.

Can Brett be able to put aside that he will hurt Karen or will he find his true dominate side?

Lynn draws you into the characters. You will smile through out this book so much your face will be hurting. You might even want a extra pair of panties because Lynn definitely knows how to write one steamy sex scene. This is definitely a must read!!

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