COVER REVEAL: Secrets by Sapphire Knight

Running scared, I’m forced to start completely over. 
I escape to Tennessee where no one knows who I am. 
I try to blend in and decide that a huge university will be the easiest way. 
Tainted, scared and alone, will he find me? Will he hurt me again?
I have a secret you see. I need a savior, someone who can help me be free.
I never expected to meet Tate Masterson.
Strong, sexy and stubborn, with his alluring hazel eyes, tattoos, and Russian accent. 
I never had a chance. He took one look at me and decided I was his.
Tate has a secret too – the Russkaya Mafiya is in his blood.
His secret could help save me, but will Tate embrace it or destroy us?


“She’s fucking mine, mother-fucker! Come out and
face me!” 

pulls out one of his 45s from his back and shoots 3 times towards the sky,
then screams again.
you have any idea who you are fucking with? The fucking Russkiya Mafiya!”
drop to the ground onto my tummy as soon as he fires and cover my head. I have
never seen him so angry or so out of control. He’s always calm, collected, and
in control of the situation.
look at him now and he looks almost helpless, like he doesn’t know what to do
right now. Tate looks his age of twenty-two right now, lost. I feel so sad he
is dealing with this, and all for me.
he looks at Niko and growls out…

find him and bring him to me. He was just here while we were inside. Fucking
find him! I’ll make that piece of trash bleed. I will get everyone in the fucking
Mafiya after him if I have too!”
Knight is the author of Secrets – to be published April 3, 2015 and Exposed – to
be published the end of April 2015.
is currently working on book three. Her books are all a direct reflection of
what she loves to read herself.
is a Texas girl who is crazy about football. She has always had a knack for
writing, whether it is poems or stories.
originally studied psychology and that has only added to her passion for
writing. She has two boys and has been married for ten years.

When she’s not busy in her writing cave, she’s playing with her three Doberman
She loves to donate to help animals and watching
a good action movie.


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