REVIEW: Twisted by Desire by Desiree A. Cox


Title:  Twisted by Desire

Author:  Desiree A. Cox

Synopsis:  Nikki Carmichael is confused. Her head’s telling her one thing while her heart is sending another message.

She believed her first husband, Sky, was her Prince Charming. They got married expecting to live their happily ever after, but the happiness dwindled right along with their checking account. Their divorce legally ended the marriage, but not the love and uncontrollable desire between them.

Then she meets Jeff. He’s hotter than an August day in Florida, and can offer her everything she’s always thought she wanted.

Jeff is committed to his life as a bachelor, but his high-powered nature has finally brought him to a crossroads. He’s face-to-face with a quandary; his decisions will affect his professional and personal life forever.

Nikki’s tenacious efforts to live a dream life, while still keeping her heart shielded, are coupled with wrestling an ongoing dilemma – her heart still belongs to Sky.

But Nikki isn’t the only one who’s twisted by desire.

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For a debut novel Desiree hit it out of the park. It gives you all the emotional up and downs and I loved it. I was so caught up in the story that I didn’t realize it was the end until I read the words The End.

Both men are Hot, smart and sexy as sin. I felt for Nikki because she truly wanted Sky to get his act together but fell in love with Jack. I don’t want to spoil anything but the book does a cliffhanger.

I’m so looking forward to seeing who Nikki chooses in this love triangle.

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