REVIEW: From My Heart by Breigh Forstner


Title:  From My Heart

Author:  Breigh Forstner

Synopsis:  Everyone has secrets and demons that they hide…

Bryn is now happily dating Cale, who is not only her boyfriend but band mate in Everlasting. After the aftermath of an event gone wrong, Bryn is struggling to pick up the pieces and discover herself while Cale is struggling with something entirely different. What lifts up her spirits is her two best friends, Gina & Bethany, are riding along on the tour bus as the official “Everlasting Groupies.”

The thing he thought he had under control in his life had come back to strike with a vengeance. His battle to keep himself sane while focusing on a new tour is killing him inside. He is doubting that Bryn should even be with him, but once his secret gets out to her, he knows she won’t ever trust him again.

Join Bryn, Cale and the rest of the crew from “Everlasting” as they embark on their next tour, facing plenty of cat fights,drama on stage and off, and lies that could possibly tear up the band, and their relationship, for good.

This is the conclusion *FOR NOW* of Bryn and Cale’s story.

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From My Heart picks up where the first book ended, so you do need to read that one first. I don’t want to give too much away in this review incase you haven’t read the first book yet. I will say that Cale and Bryn are now in a relationship. It’s not always easy dating the person you’re also in a band with! There is so much that has happened with both Cale and Bryn and also with the band members. It’s honestly just one hell of a ride!

If you’re a fan of rockstar romances, this is another enjoyable read to check out! Just make sure you read Straight From the Heart first! Breigh Forstner writes characters whom you will fall in love with and feel their emotions right along beside them! She definitely knows how to make her characters worm their way into your heart!

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