REVIEW: The Obsidian Stairway by Bibi Rizer


Title:  The Obsidian Stairway

Author:  Bibi Rizer

Synopsis:  Young journalist O’Mara Tanner ventures into the red light district – The City of Dark Pleasures – to report on a new sexual service that has been the subject of much gossip. But what she finds there only reminds her of all that has been lost in the dark days known as The Expiation.

Tully – handsome, attentive, mysterious – is unlike any “servant” O’Mara has met in the Pleasures. And his extraordinary service is about to allow her to experience a level of intimacy she has only ever imagined .





This is my first experience with Bibi Rizer’s writing and I have to tell you I am now a fan!!!

I was unsure how this story was going to progress after reading the first few paragraphs, but I’m glad I kept on going! Set in a seemingly post-apolyptic Earth, women have two choices – enter a harem (where the men have gotten fat and lazy because they’re in high demand) or find their pleasure in the Pleasures for a rather large amount of money.

O’Mara is a reporter and her assignment is to review a new service at the bottom of the Obsidian Stairs. Tully manages this new service and he certainly is pleasing to O’Mara’s eye! Much to her initial discomfort, electrodes are attached to her various parts of O’Mara’s body and the experience begins!

Super hot scenes! The only complaint I have is that the story wasn’t long enough and I can’t wait for the next one!!!

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