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RELEASE DAY BLITZ: The Hysterics by Kristen Hope Mazzola

Once upon a time, I was Fallon Dunbar.

Rock and roll, drugs, and bad decisions were the life I lived.


I’d fallen so deep into the dark rabbit hole that I was certain I would never make it out alive. People like me didn’t get second chances. People like me didn’t get lifted from the darkness. So when the opportunity showed up, I had to take it.

I walked away from everything I loved, everything that was killing me, and I became Fae Dunham. After that, I hid behind makeup, long sleeves, and a closed-off heart.
All was well until I met Dane Pearson. He wasn’t convinced of the new me, and whenever he was near, I felt like the old me, the real me, filled with passion and a love for music. Every day was a struggle of self-discovery. Every day was a fight to not fall back down the rabbit hole. And every day, somehow, someway, I slowly began to discover what it meant to find myself.
It was a hysteric ride, but it was ours. And I wouldn’t change a thing.
I was Fallon Dunbar.
I was a drummer.
I was confident, strong, and driven.
I was a junkie.
I am dead.
The full boxes
scattered around my small one room apartment made it feel more real. The
sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach made it feel so wrong. The new title
and job made it feel surreal.
I am Fae Dunham.
I am the assistant editor of Raging Underground.
I am unsure, nervous, and scared shitless.
I am in recovery.
Staring into
the full length mirror I had just hung up on the back of the door in my new
room, I saw the shell of what I used to be, the life I could no longer have.
The only traces left of my old life were the lips piercing I refused to take
out. They were my favorites and they were staying. People like me don’t get
second chances, but for some reason, I was standing knee-deep in one.
There’s no turning back now.
I will live again.
I fell in love with this book. From beginning to end you will be hooked. I laughed and smiled through out this book.

Fallon aka Face is a strong woman to walk away from her old life. Done is Hot Bad A $$ drummer with alot of guilt about his past. Fallon and Dame are perfect match to help each other from the past and into the future.

Kristen has written a beautiful love story and I can’t wait to see if there will be more of The Hysterics! I know I will definitely be watching and reading them.

You want to know more about me? Well, let’s see…I am just an average twenty-something following my dreams. I have a full time
“day job” and by night I am author. I guess you could say that
writing is like my super power (I always wanted one of those). I am the lover
of wine, sushi, football and the ocean; that is when I am not wrapped up in the
literary world.

Please feel free to contact me to chat about my writing, books you think I’d
like or just to shoot the, well you know.

A portion of all my royalties are donated to The Marcie Mazzola Foundation.

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