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EXCERPT: Stepbrother, Mine by Mandy Lou Dowson



Exclusive Excerpt 

Intended for audiences of 18 + older

Need bubbled from her ready lips in the form of a moan when he reached behind him, snagging the front of her blouse and tugging her inside. The minute the door snicked shut, he was on her, hands spanning her waist, pulling her to him while his mouth landed on hers, hard, desperate and hot. His groan when she opened her mouth to allow his tongue to slide inside made her thighs clench together. “Logan,” she croaked, feeling his tongue blaze a path to her collar bone.

He said nothing, merely nipped at her sensitized flesh and raised the hem of her skirt past her knees, bunching it in one fist. She heard the split tear a little as he dragged it roughly up the expanse of her thighs. With an animalistic grunt, he ripped her panties down her thighs, urging her to raise her legs one by one so as to slide them off, lowering himself to capture each foot as she lifted, steadying her.

His eyes flashing fire, he glanced up at her, her skirt in a bunch above her hips, and her pussy bare to his gaze. With deliberate slow movements, he closed the distance between them, his lips burning her flesh where they kissed and tortured her thighs.

Not once did he look away from her, flattening the bulk of her skirt against her abdomen so that he could watch her when at last his tongue slid between her folds. Sophie rolled her eyes, the sensation more than she could bear. He growled when her lids drifted shut, a demand that she look at him. That she see, really see for the first time, who was responsible for her state of arousal. 

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