Author Interview

Author Interview with C.M. Foss

Book Fancy: Hi CM!  I’m glad to have you with us today.  For my first question, tell me what made you decide to be an author?
CM: You know what’s funny? I don’t really think of myself as an “author”. I mean I’m aware I wrote a book, therefor I guess I’m an author. But I more think of myself as someone who just wrote a book. Maybe after a few, I’ll change my professional status on Facebook. lol. But I’ve always been a reader, since I was little. I can tune out the whole world and it’s very bizarre to others. My mom and aunt were english teachers, my sister was an english major, and it was always a strong subject of mine. I’m one of those people who silently (sometimes) corrects your grammar. Writing things, short things, has always been easy for me. I had a mom-blog for years and I think that helped develop my love for putting things down on paper/screen and making people read it. When I joined The Book Whoreders Delights blog about 2 years ago, I learned all about the indie world. I honestly had zero clue before that. Not only did those girls become some of my closest friends and best betas ever, they opened up a world of opportunity.
Book Fancy: Do you have a favorite genre to read/write?
CM: I think I’ll always be a Contemporary Romance/NA kind of girl for writing. And I’m not sure I’ll ever do anything particularly dark. Every time I try to be serious, something funny happens. I love to read all romance though. And I also really love historical romance. It’s something I want to get back into reading.
Book Fancy:  How did the story line Shiver come about?
CM: Oh dear. Well… Shiver was in my head for a long time. It’s loosely based on me and my husband. Very loosely. He doesn’t have sleeves (boooo). But we kind of had a cute story of how we ended up together. We do work together training horses and while I know there are some couples who would never want to do what we do, we love it. We could spend every minute together and we work so well together. When we had kids, the first with severe health issues, we got even closer and learned a lot about making things work. With all of that added to the professional horse world that gets so misconstrued at times… I just wanted to try and tell the story.
Book Fancy: Anyone who has read Shiver knows that bananas are a funny part in the story, and Lissa has bizarre dislike of bananas.  So, I have to ask….do you hate bananas too?
CM: Oh. I do. I’ve never been a fan. But it’s gotten worse as i’ve gotten older. And then on Shiver’s release day, my phone was an onslaught of horrific… horrific banana pictures and memes. Horrific. Unforgettable. I’ll never eat them again. I do love banana bread though. I’m so weird.
Book Fancy: Do you have a favorite character?
CM: I should probably say Lissa or Ethan, but let’s not pretend. It’s Lawrence. Don’t worry. He’s coming soon and he’s… sigh.
Book Fancy: Tell me a little about your upcoming novel, Swoon.
CM: Oh well here we go! Swoon is Lawrence and Steph’s story. It can be read as a standalone though why you wouldn’t want to read Shiver, I have no idea. ;). Swoon is very different from Shiver. While Shiver is really the story of two people navigating life WITH love, Swoon is about two people finding each other. Lawrence and Steph have a lot of obstacles, least of which is the fact that they live in separate states. But Lawrence is… well he’s super special. I heart him. The entire book is dual POV, because getting into his head is entirely too amazing.
Book Fancy:  What can readers expect this year from CM Foss?
CM: Well, I’ll release Swoon here in Feb/March. And I’m darn well into a new book that will probably release late summer-ish. Want to know a secret? You’re the first to know! It’s called City Beautiful. I’m loving writing it. And yes, my characters will always be a bit odd. This one centers around a couple who had a similar start to life and then took two entirely separate paths. 🙂 After that… I have no idea! I’ll just keep writing stuff as it comes to me. Probably fairly random. I’m doing two signings this fall: Black and Gold in PA and Rebels and Readers in WV. In early 2016 I’ll be back with the Holidays with the Belles in Dallas and I sure hope to have another something in the works around then, but I haven’t picked just what that’ll be yet!
Book Fancy: A very big thank you to the lovely CM Foss!  If you haven’t read Shiver yet, I do highly recommend it!   And be on the lookout for her new book Swoon, which will be releasing this year!  I’ll post my review and buy link for Shiver below.
Buy Link:  Amazon
First off, I must say this book was not what I was expecting. It was so far beyond my expectations! Shiver is a sweet romance about a tattooed hottie named Ethan and Lissa. Ethan and Lissa used to be roommates but because of their line of work haven’t seen each other lately. Lissa always had a crush on Ethan but little does she know he also has feelings for her. Lissa takes a job working for Ethan on his horse farm. After one night together, they try their best to stay just friends. However that is easier said than done. I absolutely LOVED the dialogue between these two! I was either swooning or laughing! And ah Ethan….he is a tattooed sexy sweetheart. What is not to love?! I totally adored him! Lissa can be a smartass at times and had no problem holding her own. I truly loved everything about this book! I can’t praise it enough!
I most definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read! Pick this book up and follow Ethan and Lissa throughout their journey of life. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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