REVIEW: Never Again by J. Lea


Title:  Never Again

Author:  J. Lea

Synopsis:  Right after graduation, Ella Vaughn is on the verge of realizing her dreams of becoming a professional masseuse. She and her boyfriend finally move in together and everything seems perfect – almost too perfect. Until tragedy strikes and completely shatters her world.

Jake “The Beast” Burns is a world famous motorcyclist. A desirable bachelor, Jake is living a dream life – he has a loving family, great friends, money and fame. He’s got it all. At least that’s how it appears, until Ella, a strikingly beautiful brunette, walks into his life. Ella is completely different from the girls he usually hangs out with, and that arouses his interest. But not everything is as it seems. Jake is hiding a great secret which not even the media have been able to uncover.

Will Ella be able to forgive him or will she never want to see him again?



Never Again was my first book by this author and she definitely drew my heart all over the place. Jake and Ella are two of the most unlikely couples. She hates anything and everything having to do with motorcycles because her boyfriend was killed in a motorcycle accident. Jake is a famous motorcross racer. He’s used to women who throw themselves at him. It comes with the territory of being famous and riding motorcycles for a living. Ella completely throws him when she doesn’t even seem to recognize who he is. He knows there’s something different about Ella when she doesn’t throw herself at him like all the other women he’s around. Ella knows she feels some definite chemistry with Jake but is nervous to have any type of relationship with him because she’s scared of his profession.

J.Lea has the reader feeling all types of different emotions as this story played out. I really wanted to Ella to take a chance on Jake, but I understood why she had reservations. Jake is a sexy sweetheart who just wants a woman who is down to earth. This book does end in a cliffhanger and we as the reader are left to wonder will Jake and Ella get their HEA?

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